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  1. Mogal Reply

    She moves out nearly every year; she's a true bird of passage. Joe, being the bird of passagehe is, stayed the night, had some rest and ate some food and left early the next morning. Interns are usually not reliable for any organization as they are birds of passageand very few of them remain with the company in the long run.

  2. Grojar Reply

    Jun 28,  · But I'll keep flying on like a bird of passage. To not forget how to fly. The piece of your dream is shining bright in my heart. So I will keep singing on until my voice is gone. To not forget how.

  3. Fetilar Reply

    a bird of passage someone who never stays in one place for long Most of these emigrants were birds of passage who returned to Spain after a relatively short stay. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

  4. Gagis Reply

    Bird of passage definition is - a migratory bird.

  5. Todal Reply

    ‘The Canadian Professor who is a summer bird of passage, is once more adorning and enlivening the household: one of her first contributions to the rich texture of daily life on this particular occasion is a copy of the Benedictine Yearbook.’.

  6. Nizshura Reply

    bird of passage. A person who remains unfixed to a certain location, relocating from one place to another. The economy has forced me to become a bird of passage, moving around the state to wherever I can find work. See also: bird, of, passage.

  7. Faugami Reply

    A bird of passage, Willem, migrated to the Copper Town (Tsumeb) and found himself at the revered Oshikoto Secondary School, where he completed his Standard 8 (grade 10) before moving down south to the city of bright lights (Windhoek) to further his academic aspirations at .

  8. Taugor Reply

    a bird that migrates seasonally. a transient or migratory person. Words nearby bird of passage bird has flown, the, bird in the hand, bird louse, bird of ill omen, bird of paradise, bird of passage, bird of .

  9. Kajigar Reply

    Jul 13,  · A short slideshow featuring images from my 'Birds of Passage' series. "Each year, between September and February, tens of thousands of migratory birds visit the .

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