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    What is Gulf War syndrome? Gulf War syndrome is a widely used term to refer to the unexplained illnesses occurring in veterans of the Gulf War. What are the symptoms of Gulf War syndrome? The following are the most common symptoms of Gulf War syndrome. However, each .

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    May 19,  · Post-polio is not a flare-up of the polio virus. The symptoms are thought to be related to overusing the surviving nerve cells that have been doing double-duty. Post-polio syndrome can be characterized by a variety of symptoms including: generalized joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue following moderate activity, muscle weakness and loss of muscle use. [ ].

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    Restless leg syndrome is a common neurological sensorimotor disorder in which a person feels an urge to move their legs during periods of rest. The disorder can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, nutrient deficiencies, pregnancy and autoimmune disorders.

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    Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are a group of birth defects that can happen when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most severe type of the disorder.. FAS and.

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    A syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder. The word derives from the Greek σύνδρομον, meaning "concurrence". In some instances, a syndrome is so closely linked with a pathogenesis or cause that the words syndrome, disease, and disorder end up being used interchangeably for them.

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    Jan 23,  · Low blood sugar is a trigger for RLS, and protein stabilizes it, says Dr. Teitlebaum. Avoid carbohydrates or sweets before bedtime, which cause a spike and .

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    Lissencephaly “Flat-brain syndrome” is a set of rare brain disorders where the whole or parts of the surface of the brain appear smooth. It is a rare, gene-linked malformation that is characterized by the absence of normal convolutions (folds) in the cerebral cortex .

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    Mad Max Vulkan beta RIG OS: Xubuntu CPU: FX @Ghz GPU: R9 X 8GB AMDGPU-Pro driver Ram: 16 GB DDR3 mhz SSD: GB random either samsung or crucial Show less.

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