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  1. Tashakar Reply

    Four, we don't got no time for games Five, I wanna hear you scream my name Six, Cus it's time for me to slip myself up into you [Chorus] In the dark, We can get touchy feely I'ma make sure you feel me Girl I can't wait to get us In the dark, This time can't be wasted Girl I'm tryna taste it Baby come and meet me In the dark, Don't be afraid.

  2. Kajit Reply

    The blind eye can no longer be cast The clock is ticking, there is no second chance The blind eye can no longer be cast There will be no future, if we can't learn from our mistakes The clock is ticking, there is no second chance There will be no future, if we can't learn A forced extinction closes out the age of apathy.

  3. Kiramar Reply

    Brave New World by pornophonique, released 20 March 1. Coming Home 2. Save Game 3. Voices In My Head 4. The Songs We Sang Together 5. Night Will Fall 6. Brave New World 7. Wave After Wave 8. Awakening Get ready to enter pornophonique’s next level album»Brave New World«. 13 years later we finally release our 2nd album. In terms of content, BRAVE NEW WORLD is no longer as .

  4. Goltizragore Reply

    The Conquest Night by Viking Moses, released 13 March 1. On The Way Home 2. Howling Dogs 3. Fire Burning Red 4. Follow Foreign Love 5. A House Up Along The Way 6. Crowned 7. Down In The Water Below 8. Cardboard Swords 9. Hayfields Leave Each Moment I Live For Love "The Conquest Night" (a children's story of sorts) is about two rural youths who go out past their curfew, .

  5. Fekree Reply

    Scream In My Dream by Strangers In The Attic, released 1. Scream In My Dream 2. The Light 3. Faceless 4. In The Distance 5. See You On The Other Side Debut EP by Zurich based band Strangers In The Attic released May, Strangers In The Attic.

  6. Groran Reply

    Hide the But that breathing you hear don't mistake it for sighs Don’t you realise - They’re just battle cries dear And these lines aren’t wrinkles dear heart Hardly knew the words They’re just dollops of paint on a new work of art I’m dolled up love don’t I deserve to just And as I walk away I know I’ve been through the wars, But.

  7. Nikorr Reply

    Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who (Bonus Track Version) Album Lyrics; 1. Hear Me: 2. How It Went Down: 3. It's a Secret: 4. Meet In the Dark: 5. Patsy Cline: 6. The Great Mistake: 7. Who Needs Who: 8. Without You.

  8. Visida Reply

    I would never make you blue I would never let you down I would never be untrue I know a place Where we can go Where true love always stays There's no more stormy nights No more cloudy days I believe in second chances I believe in angels too I believe in new romances Baby I believe in you These cloudy days Are coming to an end And you don't have.

  9. Kigazil Reply

    Mojo from Toronto, On Just before the guitar solo starts, if you listen very carefully you will hear Jim scream " F--k him up the ass!! You can really hear it on one of the live CD recordings. So he is probably referring to the movie Scream of the Butterfly which we know is a porn film.

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